Image Project

For this project we were asked to produce a visually interesting image based A3 composition using processes of photography, drawing, collage and either Photoshop or Illustrator. This composition had to be based on a single word from a list of six words that we were given. I chose to base mine around the word power.

The first thing I did in this project was to create a mind map to try and explore everything that the word power meant to me. This was a range of things from power in nature to strong shapes. I then sketched a range of things from my mind map to get an idea of which thing worked well visually and which elements could be used together. After this, I decided that I wanted to focus on political power. I looked at some images of propaganda in the soviet union because this was something that I thought about when I thought of political power. I really liked how a lot of it used red and the only colour, which I think added a lot more power to the posters.


For my final poster, I have created rows of identical soldier looking towards a very big image of Joseph Stalin’s face. I also have a geometric mountain range sectioning off the two main sections of the image and also have a weather front map which Stalin’s face is overlaid onto. The mountains and the weather front map are there to show power in nature, another form of power to political power. I think the size of the image of Stalin, the fact that you can only see his facial feature and that the rows of soldiers are looking to him make him seem very imposing and make him an almost god-like character in this. The way that the soldiers are laid out was very deliberate. I wanted this whole image to seem quite threatening and imposing and I think that the very exact organisation of these soldiers and the fact that they’re all identical adds to this feeling a lot.

I am happy with my final design because I think it gets across the idea of power very well, has a slightly intimidating feeling to it and has good layout, which leads you to the most important part of the image.


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