6 Word Stories/Hybrid Font

Today we were introduced to six word stories, which are stories broken down into six words that still hopefully portray the original story. We were told that Ernest Hemingway was one of the first people to use the concept of the six-word story. We were shown his story; “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”. I found this quite amazing that, with such a small amount of words, Hemingway was able to provoke such strong feelings in the reader. After this introduction to six word stories, we were broken up into groups of 3/4 to come up with six word stories of our own. I was with Kuba and Erin and we came up with a lot of good and funny stories which we had to turn into six word stories. I settled on “Wrong type of bullet, rabbit exploded” which was one of Erin’s stories.

After presenting our six word stories to the rest of the class, we were given the task of creating a hybrid font to display our stories in. I chose Gill Sans and Baskerville for this because I was working with Gill Sans for my type specimen poster and I thought that Baskerville would work well with it.

HybridAlphabet HybridStory

I created my hybrid font digitally, using Illustrator, which I think worked very well, but I think that I could have explored the typefaces a little easier on paper. I tried to make the letters in this font as seamless as possible and I think I’ve done this well. I like how this font looks and how some of the differences between the fonts used aren’t noticeable at first.


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