Type Specimen Poster

For this project we were asked to design an A2 type specimen poster in InDesign. A specimen poster is a typographic poster which displays a typeface in its complete form, including all letterforms, ligatures, numbers and punctuation marks. The poster also had to include an image of the typeface in its context, the name of the typeface, my name, had to be in black and white and had to have three paragraphs: One introducing the designer, the second saying why the typeface was made and the third being about its classification and how it has been used. The typeface I got given was Gill Sans, which is a bold, sans serif typeface which has a few interesting features on some of its letters. I’ve tried to base my poster around one of these interesting features, that being the bottom of the J. I wanted to make my poster very simple, so I’ve tried to make a bit of a pattern out of the 3 vertical lines of the H, I and J, with the descender of the J breaking the pattern and drawing attention.TypePoster1b


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