5 Minute Journey

This was the start of field for us. We were introduced to the main topic of field being “City” and were told to slip up into groups of four, ready for the week’s brief. I was with Tom, Jess and Nicole. Once in groups, we were given a sheet with 15 different tasks to be completed over the week, all in a specific location in town. Before we could find out our group’s location, we had to complete a 5 minute journey.

For this 5 minute journey, we were told to pair up, take a 5 minute walk somewhere and map the walk. Our group slip up for this, I paired up with Tom and Nicole paired with Jess. This task was quite confusing at first because we weren’t sure what the tutors meant by “map”. We decided to walk the same walk, between N block and B block, but record it in a different way. Me and Tom recorded the sound of the entire walk and drew the waveforms as our “map”. Nicole and Jess decided to keep their pen on the page while walking and turn the book whenever they turned. They later drew on where the stairs were during the walk and drew a few things that stood out during the walk.



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