City Groups Part 1

For this brief we were broken up into groups of 3-5, based on the topic that we preferred from the mind maps and had done some research on. I looked at power/technology for most of my research, mainly focusing on the technology that some cities across the world already use and technology that could be used to help and improve cities, so this was what I wanted to do. I went into a group looking at power/technology with Eliot, Luke, Ronnie and Dom.

After agreeing on some ground rules for the group, we started discussing ideas and agreed to look at power in terms of hidden energy and how that energy is wasted. After a little more research, Ronnie presented us with a video which showed hidden energy and how it is used throughout a day through the movement of people.

That weekend, we met in town to capture some examples of this hidden energy. Luke and Ronnie recorded people in town walking, from different angles, and videoed doors opening and closing. We all thought these were good examples of the use of this hidden energy and how it is wasted in things such as the doors opening and closing.



Eliot also recorded footage, of the inside of McDonald’s, looking at the tills and the amount of people coming and going as another possible way of showing the use of energy in the city. He also layered a couple of images he had taken of the doors in St David’s which I think looks really good and was an interesting way of showing energy use.


After this trip out together, I recorded my bathroom door and did a bit of rotoscoping to try to show the energy we had been recording in a different way.


The rest of the group seemed to really like this and we agreed it was something we’d like to do more of in the project.


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