City Groups Part 2

After meeting up again and discussing what we’d done, it was much easier for us to make sense of the whole project, and it made sense to us to split it up into three parts:

  1. Highlighting the lost energy already present.
    • There is energy being transferred all over the city, and a lot of it isn’t used. The goal was to show where we use/waste energy in everyday life.
  2. Harnessing the energy.
    • This part involved inventing ways by which all this energy could be harnessed and used.
  3. Planning a space where this energy could be used.
    • This is where we bring everything together and create a space in the city which would use this new, free energy.

These three parts made it easier for us to figure out what we needed to do and allowed us to divide up the work between us.


After showing the group rotoscope of my door, me and Eliot went back into town to get more footage in order to create a substantial video, now that we had a good idea of what we were looking for. After lots of tedious hours work, drawing over individual frames, we managed to produce this video, which we a both very proud of:


For this, Dom created some designs for pressure pads, which would create energy from the pressure people apply when walking up stairs, or even just in the street.

paving steps


For the final part, we decided to design a café/coffee shop, as we felt it would be the ideal place to implement our clean, green energy initiative. Ronnie and Luke did their own logos and interior designs, which gave us more options.



Branding 3


Sketchup AnnotatedAMBECO


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