City Groups Part 3

So, today was presentation day! I think our’s went pretty well, especially considering the amount of planning that went into it, which we now realise would have helped and made it a lot better. I think most of the comment we received from people were good, particularly towards the video Eliot and I made, but there comment made to the whole which I understand and think applies to our work. It was that the work of a few groups seemed to have more than final outcome. I really liked the work that our group have produced over this project, but I now think our project would have been a lot more affective and impactful if we had only fully pursued one of our three paths. Saying this, I was happy with the work we produced and, although the rotoscoping got tedious, I thoroughly enjoyed working as a part of this team and would be happy to work with them again! screen-shot-2015-03-01-at-15-38-56


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