Team 4 (Multidisciplinary groups)

The first day of our new multidisciplinary group project. A pretty daunting thing, being forced to leave our class, the group of people we’re comfortable with, and interact with a whole new group of people from an array of courses! That being said, I was surprised by how much of this new group was made up of fellow graphics student, so I wasn’t alone.

We started the day off with an introduction to our new tutors and were asked to slip up into pairs, making sure you didn’t know the person you were pairing with. I paired up with Olly, from product design. Then, the entire class was asked to each write down 5 words: a verb, an adjective, a noun, a random word and a word relating to our previous city projects. After putting them into hats, we had to randomly pick a word written by somebody else. With these words, we had to go off to the library in our pairs and find related images.

When we came back from the library, we all had to stand in two lines, side by side with our partner. Olly (Product Design) and I were then told that the pair in front, Hannah (Design and Maker) and Georgia (Illustration), were joining us to make our group for this project.

Now in our new groups, and armed with a handful of images each, we were tasked with making a collage using every picture. We soon realised that we could put all of our images into groups, each with the overlying theme of movement.


Once every group had their collage done, we presented them to the whole class. We, Team 4, didn’t have an idea of what we wanted to do at this point. This is when we had a meeting with Anna, our field tutor, which helped a lot. Anna asked whether the theme of movement in our collage was physical or social, and we came to an agreement that it was social. After a long talk, we decided to focus our project on advertising.

After a couple of days away, spent doing research, we met up as a team to talk through and ideas we had and hopefully come up with more. At the end of this meeting, we agreed on designing a product that can help the user with the onslaught of advertising by blocking it out completely. Below are the ideas we had after the meeting:


Now that we had come up with an idea, we decided to do a bit more research, this time into how many adverts we see during an average day. For this, we each spent a day counting every advert that we see, making sure that we weren’t going out of our way to find adverts to try to keep the results as true to an average day as possible. The results from this research were actually quite shocking because I don’t think any of us realised just how many adverts we see, but not necessarily take notice of, on a normal day. This realisation sparked a new idea for our product. We agreed that because of the number of adverts, the only way to completely block them out is to completely block your sight, so we decided our product was going to be a blindfold. This also led to the name and slogan for our product: Freedom, the only solution.

Now that we had the beginnings of our product and it’s branding, we gave some thought to the advert. After a bit of talking, we agreed that we wanted the advert our idea and the problem we have with advertising. For this, we settled on the idea of a first person perspective of somebody walking through the city centre. During this walk, we would cover the advertising with a white box, with a beeping sound happening whenever an advert is blocked. To really help get out idea across, we would gradually block out more and more adverts as the footage went on, until it was almost everything in shot being blocked out.

Here is our final advert, which also shows the branding at the end:

I’m quite happy with how this group project has gone. I’m particularly happy with the ironic idea of branding and advertising a product that would block out all branding and advertising. Although I think the work we produced could have been better and more polished, I think it gets our idea across, which was the aim of our work. I also very happy with how we worked as a team. I feel that we all got on well together and each made a good contribution. After hearing other graphics classmates talk about their groups, I’m also really happy with how often we met up, and how easy it was for us to. Overall, I am very happy with this project, the team I was a part of and the idea that we produced.


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