Reflective questions

1. Describe your working method, how do you approach a project?

I usually start a project by mind mapping. I find that this is a good way of generating ideas and helps to give me a direction for research, using websites like Behance and Pinterest. My ideas can come from anywhere within this process. For example, my idea for the journey project came from mind mapping, but ideas for other project have come from looking at other people’s work. Once I have an idea, I start working on it. This is where my ideas develop the most. I find that often change my mind and come up with new, interesting ways of producing my ideas while working on them. I also find feedback from staff and other students very helpful, as this gives me a fresh look at my work.

2. How experimental have you been this year in subject – where have you felt most ‘out of your comfort zone’?

This year has been quite challenging for me, I feel like I’ve spent most of it ‘out of my comfort zone’. I came here from a Graphic Design course at the City of Bristol College, where we spent our time working on projects which tried to mimic ‘real world’ briefs. Working on posters, packaging, websites, magazine spreads and logo after logo, never really having to put too much thought into my designs. As long as they looked good, I was doing well.

This year has been completely different! We’ve been developing our ideas, working on narrative within design, learning about mark making and trying to learn how do design with meaning. This is as far from my ‘comfort zone’ as I think I could have gotten, but I am so thankful to have done it. This experimentation has changed how I think about design and, I think I’m a better designer for it already.

3. Where have you used different media and formats effectively and imaginatively in Subject?

I think the task in which I used different media and formats most effectively was the Type in the Environment task. I was with Luke and Cara for this task. We were given the word ‘Light’ and tasked with finding ways of writing the word using our environment. I think we did a good job of this task and used whatever different media we could effectively.

4. Which is your most appropriate solution?

I think my most appropriate solution is from the final project of this year, the journey project. This project was all about the person journey we’ve been on since the start of this academic year. I’ve managed to make something for this that is very personal to me. Every design on the front of the postcards is something that I take notice regularly, or something that holds meanings/memories for me.

5. Which is the most memorable, interesting idea in your work?

Again, I think this would be the work of my journey project. I am really happy with the designs of the postcards and writing on the backs of them, but I am even happier with the idea behind this work. I think the idea of a set of postcards that have been written home to my parents, presented on a doormat, is a good idea and fit the project brief well.


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