Brandworld (Part 1)

To start the second year off, we got straight back into it with a brief; Brandworld.

Brandworld started off with a talk, from Victoria, all about what a brand is. I think it helped a little bit. I knew that a brand wasn’t just a company’s logo, but I don’t think I had actually ever thought about just how much a brand covers. In this talk, we also covered touchpoints; a term that I hadn’t come across before, which basically means anything the branding will be applied to (everything from business cards to a van livery). After this talk, we were given the first part of our Brandworld brief.

Everyone was randomly given a type of business and then told to go away and research this business. With this research, we were then tasked with creating our own company, naming this company and giving it a set of 5 brand values, but were told not to design a single thing.

My company was Plumbing Bird; a small company, based in Cardiff, which specialises in the newest and best technology incorporated plumbing goods. With more and more hi-tech and “smart” products coming out for your home, we at Plumbing Bird feel that it’s only right that your plumbing goods are as up to date as the rest of your home.

We sell and install the latest plumbing goods, for your entire home, all with a friendly smile. From your bathroom to your kitchen and even the heating, we have products for your entire home.

Brand Values

  • Quality goods
  • Quality service
  • Cutting-edge
  • Efficient
  • Friendly

Having made our company, we then had to write a brief for a potential designer (using a template given to us by Victoria).

I was pretty happy with the work I’d done in this part of the project. I know there wasn’t design work, but I think I did a good amount of work, came up with a fairly realistic company and wrote a brief that gave the designer enough to work with.


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