Brandworld (Part 2)

So, now that everyone had their companies, it was time to swap briefs and simultaneously become clients and designers. For the client side of the work, I had to give my brief to Carwyn, sit down with him, take him through my brief and talk to him about roughly what I was looking for. For the designer side, I had to sit down with Seb and talk to him about his traditional window cleaning; Smashin’.

Company Overview 

We are Smashin’, a traditional, friendly and cost-effective window cleaning company that aims to put the personal “hand-done” flare back into the practice.

Our services pay homage to the traditional methods of window cleaning that were adopted in the late 19th Century using Premium quality Chamois and Scrim for a truly smashin’ job. However contemporary methods are also available. Contemporary services include, gutter cleaning, patio pressure washing, conservatory cleaning as well as solar panel and roof cleaning.

We take massive pride in our work and guarantee a smashin’ job however if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our work we will give a full refund.

Brand Values 

  • Nostalgic
  • Diverse
  • Reliable
  • Personal
  • Artisan

Now I’d been given the company to work on, it was time to start designing.


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