Brandworld (Part 3)

For the Brandworld brief, we were asked to make 3 unique concepts, each with touchpoints, to display at the end of the project.

I started my design work by looking at existing window cleaning companies. The biggest thing I took from doing this was: it wasn’t going to be hard to design something that looks better than most of the other companies! So many of the companies I found had such a similar look to them. Most used some very simple typography (not saying it’s a bad thing to have simple typography, but it’s got to be done well) with a small illustrated ident. I also noticed that the use of blue seemed to be a must for window cleaners. A lot of the branding used a few blues, for the entire logo and website, which just got very boring and repetitive after being a few sites in. I also didn’t find a single company that offered the same ‘traditional’ service that Smashin’ did, so I thought that creating something to reflect this ‘traditional’ service could be a good way to stand out.

After doing some research, finding examples of branding that I thought could apply to Smashin’, I produced my 3 concepts:

The Bubbles Concept

The Orange Concept

The Charles Concept


Bubbles Concept


This concept was made to slightly emulate some of the more traditional sign-painting I looked at in my research. I’m not that happy with this concept, the more I look at it the less I like it. I can stop thinking that it reminds me of a circus and I think that it’s just seems too cluttered and messy to work.

Orange Concept


As I said, I looked at some sign-painting in my research. I did this because I thought that it could be a good idea to communicate the company’s ‘traditional’ services and could be something done on promotional pieces and on things like a van livery. For this concept, I drew from the more modern sign-painting styles. Although I have used blue for the background, I have tried to use some brighter, bolder colours to make it stand out from competitor’s branding.

I’m pretty happy with this concept, although it could do with a little bit of work, just to tinker with some small detail. I think it would stand out from other window cleaning brands and I could use one ‘S’ on it’s own, if the full thing doesn’t work smaller.

Charles Concept


This concept is the most ‘traditional-looking’ of the three. I’ve illustrated a character (Charles), using am image I was given in a moodboard by Seb, at the start of the project. I’ve given it a turquoise background, with white text, but it can work just as well reversed (white background, turquoise text).

I think this is my favourite concept of the three, and was definitely the most popular with my classmates.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the work I’ve done for this project. I think I’ve managed to create a couple of pretty professional looking, and interesting, brand concepts for Smashin’. Throughout this project, I’ve regularly talked to my client (Seb) about the work, and Seb has told me that he’s really happy with the work I’ve done too.



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