Beautiful Systems


This is our new week long brief. For this, everyone was put into groups of 3. I was put with Walaa from Graphics and Andrea from Design and Maker. We struggled to come up with something we were all happy with at first, but eventually settled on looking at shoes. At 3pm, we each went off and took note of a few aspects of every shoe that walked past for an hour (which got me some really strange looks!). We were each keeping note of the different genders, shoe colours and shoes conditions. Our group had one person positioned at Zen bar, one person at the Atrium and me, sat in the Box. These 3 locations are going to be how we split up our outcomes, one outcome looking at the shoe stats for each place.

I’m hoping we can come up with an idea, as a group, that’s pretty unique. I really don’t want to do something with footprints because I think that’s just a bit too easy and might not look great. I’d like to avoid the bog standard infographic style of work throughout the whole of field too and try to create things that are different and take a bit more thinking. I think I’ll be a bit disappointed with myself if I can’t do that, because the whole point of uni is to try to do/learn new things. But, it’s still just the start of this project, so I guess I’ll find out if I manage it later.


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