Field Reflection


The two field options I chose were Publish! and Information is Beautiful, possibly the two options most directly linked to Graphic Communication. This is why I chose them. Although I completely understand that having different experiences to draw from can be very useful for Graphic Communication, I didn’t want to spend my time doing other, possibly more theoretical work, when I could spend it learning and improving upon skills that could more directly improve my work.

Although these options were the closest thing to my course that I could do, they were focused on two areas of design which I feel the least comfortable with. Information design is something that I’ve never really taken notice of and editorial design is something that I’ve only briefly covered in the past, so I thought there would be a great opportunity to improve areas of my work and make me a better designer. Unfortunately, after doing both options, I don’t feel as though I’ve improved in either area of design.

I’m not saying that the options didn’t give me an opportunity to work on improving these areas of my work, because they did. The reason I don’t think I’ve improved is because I think that in both of my final outcomes, I went for what was a very safe option for me; illustration. By doing this, I didn’t give myself the opportunity to really work on the areas of editorial and information design that I’m less confident/comfortable with.

Although I don’t think I have really improved any design skills from doing this year’s field, I do think I’ve learned things that will help me with my work in the future. Working with someone else for a final project and working in groups for other small projects has helped me realise how I work as part of a group. In all of the group work I did, I really felt as though I took the lead. I didn’t do this because I like to be in charge, but because I kept noticing that nobody else would be. I know that I’m organised, so I like to know what’s happening in group work, and I wouldn’t shy away from choosing one direction to go down, so that we got our work done on time and each piece was coherent. Information is Beautiful has also started making me question my work a lot more than I had done before. I know this might not seem great, but I think it’s really good. It means that I’m thinking a lot more about my work and the ideas I generate for projects instead of jumping into an idea that isn’t really good. I also think that becoming aware of the amount of illustration I do has helped because I’ve been making sure I focus and work on other areas of design that I’m not quite as comfortable with.


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