Real World – Back at Uni

And so it begins, the third and final year of university. I’ve had a really boring summer, so I’m really eager/excited to get back to doing briefs (and to be back in the studio with everyone)! Speaking of the studio, it’s been slightly revamped/rearranged. It’s really nice, I feel like the little splash of colour has given the place a bit of energy.

We’ve started off the year with ‘Real World’, a group project. The class were separated into teams and given a brief by one of the Healthy University staff members, each team either targeting staff or students. My team were given the Environmental Management targeting staff, and consisted of me, Katerina, Laura, Dan C and Connor. Each team was also given a mentor from outside the university that we could contact and get advise from throughout the project. We were given Julian Sykes of Hoffi. We’ve not had a mentor on any project before, so I’m looking forward to meeting up with Julian and getting feedback from someone other than a tutor.

This first day was a bit odd. Nobody knew what was going on or what exactly we were supposed to be doing, even after asking a tutor. We mind mapped the two different main points of our brief (Environment and Staff), then had to pick one thing from the mind map and come up with some ambient designs to do with it and then show the client at the end of the day. I must have asked about 5 different people throughout the day what we were supposed to be doing, but nobody had a clue. And then when we showed what we’d been doing the the client, they clearly didn’t know what was going on either.

Hopefully the rest of this project will have a bit more direction and be less vague.


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