At the beginning of this project, we were given a load a briefs from a few different places (D&AD, YCN, ISTD and RSA). I remember looking through them all and not really finding any one particularly interesting. I also found that they way a lot of them were written made them quite confusing. I eventually settled on the Amazon Fresh brief, which was asking us to “define an identity or persona to drive the way the brand is expressed through content. Foodies don’t know that treats and essentials from the most incredible local, specialist merchants are only a tap away.” Being raised in my family means that you’re brought up with a love of food, which was a huge reason why I chose this project.

As the brief suggested I target foodies, I started off this project by looking at various top food blogs and Instagram accounts. I noticed that they all have a very similar look. Most images use soft tones and a top-down shot. Most of the blogs used either a script typeface or a soft sans serif. I also looked at a lot of foodie Instagram accounts, most using images with the same kind of feel, with only a few breaking the mould.

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I also looked at some competitor’s websites, as well as Amazon Fresh’s current website (which is really quite ugly!)

I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be creating for this project, I felt quite confused by the brief (as did a few other people doing the brief, so I didn’t feel too bad), but I knew that I was going to have to designs a website, as it is an online service. This meant that the vast majority of my visual research was website designs. After looking at the clutter of the Amazon Fresh website, I knew I wanted to try to make it look a lot cleaner, so I tried to keep an eye out for designs that used a clean design and used things like buttons as navigation, instead of a big drop-down or list.

I started sketching some ideas, but I was still feeling very confused by the brief and didn’t really know exactly what I was supposed to be doing/working towards.

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Because I was aware that time was quickly passing, I decided I needed to just get started on something and put my confusion/worry to one side for now.

I came up with 4 different ideas for outcomes, so (although they were worked on at the same time) I’m going to talk about each one separately, just to make it a bit easier.

Shop by Map

Shop by Map is an idea for a feature on the website which would allow shoppers to shop based on the store’s location. The aim of Shop by Map is to make the shops on Amazon Fresh seem more local by showing that they’re from around the corner or down the road.

I started off with a very rough design, just to illustrate the idea to my class mates and give an idea of the layout.


I then started trying to improve the look of this idea; drawing my own map, figuring out what would go below it and trying out different ‘pins’ and buttons. I tried out a few different things for the buttons, but I struggled to get something I was actually happy with, so I ended up settling for something that was just OK, mainly because I was pushed for time.

The final design for this Shop by Map feature was alright, but I feel like it looks a bit too generic. That being said, I am fairly happy with the shop part of the design because I think I’ve managed to really simplify what the current shop has and I’ve created a nice, clean design.

Map Shop.png


Before designing the actual website or layout for the website, I tried out an idea I had for some buttons on the homepage.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 15.46.29.png

The aim of these buttons was emphasise the local aspect of Amazon Fresh by making it seem like you’re buying to a local butcher, bakery, etc. I decided not to go with these/take these designs any further because I thought the were a little to comical/juvenile, and I wanted something that looked smart and clean.

Although I scrapped it, I did like the idea of buttons, so I designed a rough layout for a website and made a few quick mockups of what the buttons could be.

I really liked a couple of the buttons designs, but I was unsure about having them as illustrations. For this whole project, that part of the brief/Amazon Fresh I wanted to focus on was the local shops. I thought that illustrations could be too impersonal for the feel that I was going for, but I did like these buttons, so wanted to try them with photos instead. SiteHomepage.png

I think that a few areas need work, like the shop by isle buttons, but overall, I’m fairly happy with this design. I’ve kept my design very clean, meaning that it’s a lot easier to navigate than the current site, being less cluttered. As I know how much Amazon love to advertise, I’ve left a banner at the top that could always be scrolling through different adverts/promotions.


I think that the best idea I had was for the postcode posters. The idea actually came about during a group tutorial, when I was trying to help Connor with his project. The tutor was saying the he needed to tie the local aspect of the site into his work, I had a sudden brainwave and told him an idea that I think could have worked really well for his project. I then realised how good an idea it was and, a couple of days later, asked him if he was using it. Thankfully he wasn’t, meaning I could use it for my project.

The idea was to do a range of posters that would contain different London postcode made out of different foods. The plan is for the postcodes to change based on each posters location. I planned for the final posters to be built up using photographs of food, but as a place-holder, I illustrated a number of food items.

As well as illustrating the food, I started playing about with layouts for a billboard advert.

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Once I chose a layout, I changed the postcodes to correct London postcodes, adapted it to a different size and tried out a couple of other possible aditions to the poster.

The final posters still has  illustrations in as place-holders because I didn’t have time to photograph real food, but the intention is still to eventually replace them.

At the time, I was quite happy with these posters, but now I’ve had a little time to reflect on them (and see some other people’s work), I think they could really benefit from some more colour or a slightly more interesting design/layout.


The final part of the project was an app to partner the website and work with the adverts. I hadn’t designed an app before, but I knew I wanted it to follow the design of the website as closely as possible, so I started developing the designs for the buttons first. I worked on the banner and the menu.

I also wanted to do an app to work with the posters. The idea is that the app has a feature that allows the user to scan a poster when they find them. The app would then highlight a local shop, using augmented reality. I wanted a very clean design for the scan feature. I’ve also added text like “whoops” to try to make it more human and slightly funnier, to keep the ‘buying from a person’ idea going throughout the different parts of this project.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 19.19.44Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 19.20.19

I’ve tried to keep the design of the app as close to the website as possible. I had to add a ‘menu’ button because there’s not room for everything that was in the top bar of the website.

The scan feature would allow the user to scan a poster and, when scanned, the app would highlight a local shop, showing one of the shop’s owners of staff member to make it feel as human as possible. This is all to add to the idea that you’re shopping locally using Amazon Fresh, buying to real humans, not just a computer.

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I’m very torn by this project. I’m pretty happy with parts of my designs, like the app and most of the website, but I don’t think that the other parts are working perfectly. I do like the idea for the posters, but again, I don’t think they’re quite there, I still think they need something.

A big reason why I’m still very torn about this project is because I still don’t think I properly understand what it was I was being asked to do/produce. I get the feeling that they were asking for something closer to a branding project, creating a visual identity through a range of touchpoints. I’m not sure whether I’ve done this or not. I feel like, instead of touchpoints, I’ve come up with a range of ideas for things Amazon Fresh could implement.


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